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[Please note: While data for 2001 and 2004 were both collected, the database itself is no longer being supported. The complete dataset is still avalable in excel format at this address: http://math.library.wisc.edu/JVP/jvp2001-2004.xlsx.]


Special Libraries Association, Annual Conference, New York, NY, 2003.

Serials Pricing: What Do We Pay? What Do We Get? A Program Sponsored by the Physics Astronomy Mathematics Division of SLA.

This piece of the program focused on a journal value project conducted at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In the tradition of Henry Barschall's work in the late 1980's, cost per character data was collected for 1520 journals. Dividing a journal's cost per 1000 characters by its ISI Impact Factor provides a more comprehensive measure of its value than cost or Impact Factor alone can offer. Because this method of evaluation could benefit all librarians, the data collected will be made publicly available through a web-based database later this year. It is expected that future collaboration with interested institutions will update and expand the database to include a broader list of titles over an extended number of years.

Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries, Annual Conference. Academic Libraries: Pointing Toward New Directions, Stevens Point WI - March 28-31, 2006.

Journal Value Project: Using the Barschall Method to Support Collection Development Decisions. With Emily Wixson. 

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