About the Kleene Mathematics Library

Library Policies

Food & Beverages

Food is ONLY allowed on the upper level of the library.

Beverages in covered containers are allowed everywhere EXCEPT at the computer workstations. No food or beverages are allowed near the computers.

Quiet Study Areas

While the Library does not offer maximum quiet areas, all patrons are expected to be respectful of those around them. Group study in the library is expected, but we ask that it be conducted by quiet conversation.

Computer Workstation & Internet Use

Computer workstations in the library serve the teaching and research mission of the University and have been provided for the purpose of making available to library users a wide variety of bibliographic and reference databases as well as web sites and email on specified terminals. Uses inconsistent with this mission are not allowed.

The appropriation of library workstations by individuals for recreational or personal use is not permitted. Further expectations for acceptable behavior can be found on the UW - Madison Libraries Code of Conduct.

Printing and Photocopying


All seven of the Math Libray's public computers are connected to the networked printer. Printing costs 7 cents per page and must be paid for with a Print/Copy Card.

Copying & Scanning

The Math Library has a photocopier/scanner in the room to the left of the Circulation Desk. Photocopies cost 10 cents per page and must be paid for with a Print/Copy Card. Scanning documents and emailing the files is free.

Print/Copy Card Vending Machine

A Print/Copy Card vending machine (wall unit) is located in the copier room. You can use the wall unit to purchase a card or add money to an existing card. The machine accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills for adding to an existing card, but the initial purchase must be done with a $1 bill. The card itself costs 25 cents, so a new card will have 75 cents encoded on it.

S.C. Kleene

Stephen Cole Kleene

On Friday, May 14, 1999, our library was renamed the Stephen Cole Kleene Mathematics Library.

Stephen Cole Kleene (pronounced "KLAY-nee") was born on January 5, 1909 in Hartford, Connecticut. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College in 1930, and a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1934 under the tutelage of Alonzo Church. He joined the Wisconsin faculty in 1935 as an Instructor and in 1937 was promoted to assistant professor. During the next several years he spent time at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, taught at Amherst College, and served in the U.S. Navy, earning the rank of lieutenant commander during World War II.

He returned to Madison in 1946, was promoted to full professor in 1948, and remained on the faculty for the remainder of his career. He became the Cyrus Colton MacDuffee Professor of Mathematics in 1964 and retired from that position and the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1979. He was professor emeritus until his death on January 25, 1994.

A bibliography of Steve Kleene's publications is also available.